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[Warabimochi] Mercurys Defeat (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

Today, we will learn how the sexy woman Mercury was raped and punished. She entered into battle with the beasts however her strength wasn’t enough and Mercury was cut open. As punishment for their foes of them, they started to assault her. It took a long time for the violence to end and Mercury experienced multiple gasps. A fat man cut her cunt in half, and then destroyed her round arches. It was certainly depraved but edifying. Read comic.

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With Amara

The beautiful, chubby Amara is on the subway to go to her home after a hard day’s work. Amara is contemplating hot chocolate and a comfortable mattress, when Amar suddenly starts to embrace her waist. Amara turns her head and spots a handsome man who smiles sweetly. Amara let him go and then, a moment later, handsome hands are massaging Amara’s big peaches and playing with pink fingernipples. Amar is invited to sit down on a stool by the hottieand make a shady acquaintance.

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