Sailor Moon Yuri Story: "Sailor Moon 2"

She picked up the last item in the box, a small notebook. Inside it was filled with scribbles in Lita’s handwriting, describing in exciting detail various positions or techniques that she found favorable. There was also a section describing her more vivid fantasies. Mina almost couldn’t believe what she was reading. These were some of the most erotic words she had ever read, describing her friend’s most secret and forbidden desires. It told of scenes she’d played out in her mind and in her bed, with her numerous boyfriends, people at school both boys and girls, even the other Sailor Scouts, even herself!

Lita had described these scenes so well that Mina found herself too turned on to be mad or embarrassed. She noticed suddenly that her hand had found its way to her private area, her fingers had maneuvered their way under the rim of her panties to work diligently at her moistened pussy. She kept reading, kept getting more and more aroused. Finally she set the book down and paid more attention to her body. She closed her eyes and brought to life in her mind what she’d just read, her fingers steadily rubbing her clit to life. She became lost in pleasuring herself, but was awaken from it by a moan that surprised her. It wasn’t her, it had come from the living room.

She opened the bedroom door a crack, and her jaw dropped in total shock. She saw Amy on the couch naked, writhing in pleasure as Lita ate her pussy. She held the back of Lita’s head with one hand, roughly pushing her face into her pussy with each thrust of her pelvis, nearly smothering her. Her other hand was grabbing hold of the couch violently, and she was moaning exquisitely, trying to contain her screams. Lita’s head was bobbing as her tongue worked hard to please Amy’s needy cunt. Her legs were also spread, her own pussy wanting some attention, and Mina could se ee her juices flowing down the insides her legs, dripping onto the carpet.

Mina watched them through the crack of the door, awestruck. Lita had wanted this, she remembered reading about it in her diary. Mina had never pictured Amy as the sexual type, but watching her there at the total mercy of Lita’s tongue, Amy looked extremely sexy. Mina’s hand found its way back to her pussy, and she stood there masturbating, watching them, for a long while. Amy was getting close, and then suddenly lifted her ass off the couch and cried out so loudly that it scared Mina and she quickly closed the door.

She sat back down on Lita’s bed and looked at the dildo. She was so horny now, she needed desperately to get herself off. She removed her shirt and underwear and leaned back on the bed. Her pussy was dripping, and the phallus slipped easily inside her. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, her blonde hair flowing around her shoulders as she moved the rubber cock in and out, slowly at first, then gradually building speed. She twisted it around inside her and thrusted it roughly. She remembered the sight of Amy cumming and felt her own orgasm approach. Her pussy squeezed around the rubber and Mina gasped loudly. She let go of the dildo and let it sit inside her. She held very still, enjoying the sensation of feeling her racing pulse in her pussy.

“You look like you enjoyed that,” Lita said from the doorway.

Mina jumped, surprised by their presence and a little embarrassed to be caught like that, even though both Lita and Amy were still naked. She removed the dildo and sat up quickly. “I’m, uh, sorry for going through your things Lita, and um, for using…”

“Mina, shut up,” Lita said smiling. They all looked at each other for a moment, and then just laughed.

Amy sat down next to Mina. “I saw that you had been watching us, just as you closed the door,” she said. She reached around and unhooked Mina’s bra. “Did you like what you saw?”

“To be honest, yes,” Mina said. “You’re always so serious, Amy, it was good to see you having some fun for a change.”

Lita sat on the other side of Mina and kissed her, and Mina could smell and taste Amy’s juices on her lips and tongue. Mina lapped them greedily off of Lita’s face, then turned to Amy and said, “and you taste good too.” Amy giggled, “let me try,” she said, and she kissed Mina and licked her own juices off as Mina had with Lita. Lita lay down on the bed behind them and watched them make out, absently playing with herself.

Mina broke away from Amy’s lips and looked at Lita. “Amy,” she said slyly, “Lita hasn’t gotten hers yet.”

“You’re right,” Amy agreed, “and we owe her big for the fun we’ve had today.” Amy leaned down and began sucking the life from Lita’s left tit, and Mina crawled around to the other side to do the same to the right. She also grabbed hold of Lita’s hand so she couldn’t masturbate, and indicated for Amy to do the same. They licked and nibbled at Lita’s huge, sensitive breasts, and Lita squirmed under their grasp.

“I want to taste myself again,” Amy said, and Mina obliged her, kissing her hovering over Lita’s tits. “Oh, god, this is too fuckin’ sexy,” Lita said as she watched them. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny in my life.” Mina told Amy, “go kiss Lita, she’s got more of you on her than I.” Amy licked Lita’s lips, she sucked on them, before engulfing them with hers.

Mina watched them kiss as she sucked on her nipple, then she slowly licked downward, past Lita’s stomach, and over her completely shaved pussy. She flicked her tongue over Lita’s clit, and her hips shot up instantly, begging for more. Mina kept flicking, hearing muffled moans coming through their kisses. She worked her tongue in, out and around the folds of Lita’s cunt, smearing juices and saliva all over it. She slowly inserted a finger deep inside Lita, and used the flat of her tongue to rub Lita’s clit. She stroked each crevice of Lita’s inner self affectionately, lapping at the sweet liquid that was free flowing from Lita’s throbbing pussy.

Lita reached under between Amy’s legs and brought her higher up on the bed. She buried her face in Amy’s bosom as she had between her legs. She slipped her finger into Amy’s pussy and roughly fucked her as she covered her breasts with saliva. She soon added another finger, and Amy’s expression reflected pure bliss. Lita transferred all the erotic pleasure she was getting from Mina into what she was doing to Amy, which slowed her own passion so she could enjoy it longer. She reached out with her other hand and put two fingers into Mina’s pussy, and the tip of her thumb into her ass. She heard Mina gasp from between her legs, but soon she found she liked it, and was gyrating on Lita’s hand almost violently.

Both of them were, and Lita tried to watch them all, tried to picture what it would look like from the other side of the room. What she saw was too kinky for words, and she felt herself building towards a massive explosion. She tried to hold it in as long as she could, but finally it was just too much, and her entire body shuddered as she came over and over again, screaming profanities so loud she was almost crying. Her oversexed outbursts set off a domino effect in the others. Mina’s hand was smothered in the pressure, and she bounced hard on Lita’s hand until she was also screaming, feeling the muscles in her pussy and in her ass contract around Lita’s fingers. Amy was kneeling upright over Lita’s left hand now, massaging her own clit as Lita’s fingers worked stiffly inside her. She watched Mina’s orgasm consume her as she felt her own wash over her, seizing her as violently as before, and she too cried out in exquisite pleasure.

They were all completely exhausted. They lay in a naked heap together trying to catch their breaths, until the finally fell asleep, smiling contently.


“Now you will do for me, Sailor Mars,” Moon said. She turned to lay straight on the bed, and demanded that Mars rip the rest of her costume bottom off. Mars did so, revealing Moon’s golden blonde pubes, and exposing just the bottom of her breasts. “I want you to lick me until I cum,” she said, spreading her legs. “Make my pussy feel good.”

“Yes, my princess,” Mars obeyed, lying flat on her stomach between Moon’s legs. She started by blowing gently on her already soaking wet pussy, sending chills up Moon’s spine. She licked the inside of her thigh, slowly up to her clit. She made small circles around it with the tip of her tongue. It was teasing, turning Sailor Moon on even more. She was breathing heavy, and her desperate moans told Mars she wanted more. She slurped Moon’s swelling clit up between her lips and sucked on it, pulling on it. She held it securely in her lips and licked it repetitively.

“Oh yes, Mars, set my pussy on fire!” Sailor Moon pleaded. Mars pressed her tongue down hard on the little bead and moved her head. She rolled it around under the pressure of her tongue, and it made Sailor Moon buck and cry out. “Oh, uhh, oh yes, lick me, yes!!” she moaned, her volume increasing. Mars kept it up, holding Moon’s swollen pearl between her lips and massaging it with her tongue. She had to keep her head moving in time with each thrust of Moon’s hips. Sailor Moon’s cries were somewhere between profane and unintelligible, but rhythmic as she became lost in her pleasure. Sailor Mars released Moon’s clit and dove her tongue deep into her sopping hole. She pressed her nose to the clit and continued moving her head to please it. She busily lapped at Moon’s juices before they had a chance to escape.

“Oh god, Mars, oh make me cum, oh, yes!”

Mars smiled devilishly and completely buried her face in Moon’s wanting pussy. She darted her slender tongue in and out briskly, and then began to hum simultaneously, gently at first, then slowly building until she was buzzing like a trumpet player. Moon’s moans of pleasure soon became shrieks of pure ecstasy. She thrust her pussy one final time into Mars’ face as she came, shooting wave after wave of sweet nectar into Mars’ mouth, so much she almost drowned.

Sailor Moon’s ass landed back on the bed with a flop, and she lay squirming, her orgasm still controlling her, not giving her a chance to even catch her breath. Finally the intensity of it began to die down to a pleasurable pulse, but Sailor Moon was nowhere near recovered. She lay on the bed, her eyes fluttering in her sexual delirium, sweat drenching her entire body. Mars licked her lips clean and rest her head on Moon’s thigh, smiling.

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